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‘Failure is not an option’ warns IMO Sec-Gen as MEPC 76 kicks off
  • Post by: SKANReg
  • Date: 11-06-2021

Kitack Lim warns of increased risk of regional measures in the global ambition of reducing shipping emissions

The 76th session of IMO’s Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC 76) kicked off virtually on 10 June, expected to adopt amendments to cut the carbon intensity of ships by 40% by 2030.

Opening the session, IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim emphasized the need for IMO to timely deliver on the implementation of the IMO Initial Strategy on the reduction of GHG emissions from shipping, which will ensure achieving the levels of ambition and providing a globally harmonized regulatory framework, in line with the Paris Agreement.

Let me be blunt, failure is not an option, as if we fail in our quest, it is not unreasonable to conclude that we run the risk of having unilateral or multilateral initiatives, but, I have full confidence that you will demonstrate that the IMO can be trusted to deliver on commitments it has already agreed,

…Mr. Lim said at his opening speech.

The meeting will also discuss revised proposals from Member States and industry for the establishment of an International Maritime Research Board and Fund (IMRB), as well as proposals for a GHG workplan to structure discussions on mid- and long-term candidate measures in future sessions, he added.

With your strong commitment to finalizing the short-term measure at this session as a key starting point and agreeing on a way forward to structure future discussions, IMO will demonstrate that it is on the right pathway of GHG reduction consistent with the Paris Agreement temperature goals. It will also reinforce the message that IMO is the only global forum to address climate-friendly maritime transport to any sceptic who might think otherwise.

The MEPC 76 will also consider for adoption draft amendments to prohibit the use and carriage for use as fuel of heavy fuel oil by ships in Arctic waters; and draft amendments to the AFS Convention concerning controls on cybutryne.